I gave the people at the front desk my name, and right away it seemed like they already knew who I was and I why I was there. I noticed people looking and me and whispering. It felt like people at the hospital had discussed my case and knew my very personal medical information. It was deeply embarrassing. Calling me “he” and referring to me as a “male,” the surgery coordinator told me that St. Joseph’s would not do the procedure because of their religious views.

Rachel Miller and Rebecca Chamorro

Rachel Miller sought to have her tubes tied after a planned C-section at her nearby hospital in Redding, California. But Mercy Medical Center, a Catholic hospital, refused to allow her doctor to do the procedure.  

“I hope my case will shine a light on this issue so that others aren’t turned away. No one should be denied medical care their doctor recommends.”  

Evan Minton

Evan Minton, 35, is a transgender man who was scheduled to receive a hysterectomy at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, a hospital in the Dignity Health chain,near Sacramento, California. Two days prior to the appointment, a nurse called to discuss the surgery and Minton mentioned that he is transgender. The next day, the hospital canceled the procedure.

Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight lives in Humboldt County, California where Catholic hospitals dominate. He was prepped and ready for gender-affirming surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka when his doctor informed him he would not be able to perform this common procedure due to the hospital’s religious policies. Minutes after, Oliver was asked to leave the hospital. He was devastated.

Michelle and Josh

After years of trying to get pregnant, Michelle and Josh were heartbroken to learn their first pregnancy would not survive. To add insult to injury, the Catholic hospital in Mission Viejo, California, where they were being treated shamed them, judged their choices, and delayed Michelle’s medical care, thereby threatening her health.