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Know Your Care

In an emergency, you want to feel confident about the hospital you’re going to, but not all hospitals in California will provide you the same standard of care. Religious rules may prevent you from getting the care you need.

Your information will not be used or retained.

You might be denied care.

You have one or more Catholic hospitals that restrict reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive health care services within 25 miles of you.

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See Below for Catholic Hospitals Near You
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach
  • St. Mary Medical Center
  • St. Jude Medical Center
  • St. Joseph’s Medical Center
  • St. Joseph Hospital Orange
  • St. Joseph Hospital Eureka
  • St. John’s Regional Medical Center
  • St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Community Hospital
  • St. Bernardine Medical Center
  • Redwood Memorial Hospital
See Below for Catholic-Affiliated Hospitals Near You
  • Memorial Hospital
  • Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
  • Hoag Hospital Irvine
  • Woodland Memorial Hospital
  • Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
  • Sequoia Hospital
  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
  • Northridge Hospital Medical Center
  • Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
  • Glendale Memorial Hospital
  • French Hospital Medical Center
  • Community Hospital of San Bernardino
  • California Hospital Medical Center