These are the reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive services that are restricted at Catholic hospitals:

  • Birth control
  • Getting your tubes tied or having a vasectomy
  • Emergency treatment for excessive vaginal bleeding that involves contraceptive medications or devices
  • Emergency contraception
  • Safest treatment for ectopic pregnancy
  • Safest treatment for miscarriage
  • Abortion
  • In-vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies
  • Respecting or assisting with surrogacy agreements
  • Gender-affirming care for transgender people
  • Complete information and care for people with cancer or other health conditionswhose treatment could affect current or future pregnancies
  • Complete prenatal genetic testing, information, and options

*This list is based on policies of Catholic-affiliated hospitals in California; it is not specific to the hospital in your area. Some Catholic-affiliated hospitals interpret Catholic restrictions differently than others, so restricted care may vary.


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