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We believe everyone should get the health care they need. Yet Catholic hospitals are routinely denying people care in ways that threaten their health and their lives, and leave them traumatized. Learn more about the experiences of the brave people challenging Catholic hospitals’ inhumane practices, from Tyler, to Evan, to Tamesha to the strikingly similar stories of Rachel and Rebecca and more.

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In the summer of 2017, when Tyler went to St. Joseph's in Santa Rosa, near her home, to schedule her surgery, she noticed staff looking at her and whispering. Then the surgery coordinator told her St. Joseph's wouldn't do the surgery because of their religious views.

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Oliver KNight

Oliver Knight lives in Humboldt County, California where Catholic hospitals dominate. He was prepped and ready for gender-affirming surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka when his doctor informed him he would not be able to perform this common procedure due to the hospital’s religious policies.


Michelle and Josh

After years of trying to get pregnant, Michelle and Josh were heartbroken to learn their first pregnancy would not survive. To add insult to injury, the Catholic hospital where they were being treated shamed them, judged their choices, and delayed Michelle’s medical care, thereby threatening her health.

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Tamesha Means

The ACLU report Health Care Denied shared the story of Tamesha Means, whose life was threatened after a Catholic hospital repeatedly sent her home in the midst of a painful miscarriage.



When Sarah’s doctor said the hospital wouldn’t allow her to get her tubes tied because they considered it “evil” she was shocked. “I don’t want a hospital telling me how many children makes my family complete. What other health care decisions are Catholic hospitals going to make for us?”


Evan Minton

Evan’s doctor performs hysterectomies “routinely” at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, a Dignity Health hospital, but Evan’s hysterectomy was denied simply because he is transgender. Evan’s legal team is suing, arguing that hospitals open to the general public cannot discriminate against people simply because they are transgender.

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